FAQ about Personal Health Coaching

  • Support is provided through regular phone calls or Zoom meetings and is supported with SMS / Whatsapp messages as well as through a coachingapp.
  • At the beginning, a health questionnaire is filled and analysed (with doctor if necessary).
  • Intervention strategies on exercise and sport, nutrition and stress regulation.
  • The sessions last 30 min. each.
  • Additional text messages as support and motivation.
  • Including preparation and follow-up time as well as summary of the sessions and implementation methods.

  • 80% of health care costs (Switzerland) are caused by non-communicable diseases.
  • Already today, every 4th person suffers from a non-communicable disease - and the trend is rising.
  • Many of these diseases could be prevented or delayed by a healthier lifestyle.
  • Invest in prevention and thus extend healthy life phases.

  • The appointments can be attended conveniently from home or any other location.
  • There is no need to travel to and from the meeting.
  • Flexibility ensures regularity of sessions. The location-independent sessions make it easier to attend appointments at regular intervals. This increases the intensity of the cooperation and has a positive effect on personal development.
  • Meetings can be held in familiar surroundings. This familiar setting supports an open dialogue and lowers the inhibitions to address sensitive topics.
  • Telephone or online coaching show comparable effects to on-site coaching, which studies have proven.

  • At least a Bachelor's degree in sports science, nutrition science or psychology or similar.
  • Professional experience in the above-mentioned areas.
  • Further training as a Personal Health Coach with certification (CAS) at the University of Basel.
    Competence profile: Basics in coaching, interventions in nutrition, exercise, stress regulation, techniques for behavioural change, health and fitness anamnesis (together with doctor).

  • Personal Health Coaching is a recognized therapy method by the Experience Medicine Register (EMR), which is also a guide for health insurance companies.  However, not all health insurances follow the standard of the EMR and decide according to their own criteria, for which therapy methods or even with which therapists a cost sharing via a supplementary insurance takes place. The annual cost sharing is again very different, depending on the insurance and model.
    An entry in the EMR is associated with annual fees. And yet, there is no guarantee that my clients can count on cost sharing from their insurance.
    I have therefore chosen a pricing structure that is designed to accommodate my clients, regardless of insurance.
    By contributing to charitable organizations, I want to give something back.Education and training are associated with (self-) study, time and experience, and costs. Instead of spending further costs for a recognition / accreditation (which is already shown with the diploma, bachelor, etc.), I prefer to invest in further training or give it back to my clients through reductions.
    Quality and safety are very important to me, I gladly accept criticism and suggestions and see it as a chance to grow and to keep the quality high, respectively to improve it.

  • I am subject to the duty of confidentiality analogous to the medical/therapeutic environment. Your data will be treated confidentially and stored securely.