Arogya is a Sanskrit word meaning free from disease.
Arogya means leading a healthy life and avoiding behavior that makes you ill.

Most people know which behaviours have a positive impact on their health: regular physical exercise, a balanced diet, stress management, moderate alcohol consumption and abstaining from tobacco. And yet, according to Health Promotion Switzerland, non-communicable diseases, mental illnesses and addiction are responsible for over 80% of Swiss healthcare costs.

Knowledge alone is sometimes not enough to sustainably change one’s own behaviour. Even if the motivation is there, there are many potential stepping stones and barriers on the way to developing new habits.

With the right diet, exercise and mindfulness, we can directly influence our health. However, changing habits or behavior is not easy and takes time.

As a personal health coach, I accompany you personally and individually to achieve your goal of a sustainably healthier lifestyle.

Your goal is to:

Yoga and meditation have many positive effects on the body and mind.
In workshops and retreats I would like to contribute to your well-being.

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